Worm Whisperer

BadWormsCover3Pardon my appearance!  I’ve been on my knees investigating a rotten log in Pine Knoll Forest.  I love the forest floor; damp, dark and teeming with life.  Oh sorry, let me introduce myself.  My name is Robin Bird.

What was I investigating?  Well, like a pig snuffling for truffles, I had my nose to the ground fascinated by invertebrates.  Worms are my specialty.  Actually, my friends call me the Worm Whisperer.  My older brother, Jay, calls me a worm weirdo, but that’s because he is clueless and doesn’t understand how valuable they are.

Do you think about worms?  Maybe, when you see one or two struggling to cross the driveway after a rainstorm.  But, what about when they’re snug in their earthly homes, out of site?  That’s when they do their important work.  They are really busy and productive.  It’s amazing what they accomplish in silence.

Did you say you’d like to learn more about worms?  Great!  The Worm Whisperer Series, “All About Worms:  The Good, The Bad, and The Yucky,” will take you on exciting “Worm Missions.”  We’re going to explore the silent world of hardworking good worms and keep our distance as we study the bad worms that cause trouble.  I promise there will be surprises as we study the yucky worms.

In addition to all this “wormology,” (I like my own junior scientist term) there is also a guide to vermicomposting, “Power in the Poop” that I put together with my worm expert friends.

So, grab a pen, a magnifier and let’s get started!  Oh, you’re also going to meet my neighbor and Worm Amigo, Wallace Berkshire.  He oozes with worm love and never misses an opportunity to explore, get dirty and share a good worm joke.