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Hello Explorer,

Pull up a milk crate and get comfy.  I just came back from exploring the great outdoors!  Pine Knoll Forest isn’t exotic, but it’s a fascinating place right in my hometown.  I’ve uncovered squirmy and creepy stuff under rotten tree stumps and because I’m always on the lookout for mushy and icky, I was thrilled to discover a true slime mold that is called “dog vomit.”

Dog Vomit is a true slime mold.

Don't blame your dog!

Don’t blame your dog!

Guess what?
When I got home my Mom served me a big bowl of my favorite, slumgullion.

It doesn't sound good, but it's a yummy stew of beef and potatoes.

It doesn’t sound good, but it’s a yummy stew of beef and potatoes.


The weird, wacky, and WOW never stops around here!

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